Wellness Care

For more information on wellness care, please read below.

Wellness Care Services

Puppy and Kitten Exams

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time for your family. Van Crest Animal Hospital & Boarding’s veterinarians can help you start your new puppy or kitten off right.


Our veterinarians recommend that you set up your pet’s first visit with us soon after adoption. It’s important to get your new pet set up with a good parasite and vaccination program as well as a thorough examination to assure your puppy or kitten is healthy and prepared to stay that way.


Starting puppy and kitten vaccinations and keeping them on a schedule is critical to protecting their fragile systems from the most common diseases.

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Just like people, your pets need regular examinations. Our comprehensive wellness exams are thorough exams of your pet from head to tail. We make sure their vaccines are up-to-date so they are protected from potentially deadly diseases.

We also recommend running annual blood work. This allows us to keep an eye on your pet’s organ function, meaning we can potentially catch any issues or infections early.

Senior Wellness Exams

The best way to help protect your pet as he or she ages is to understand the aging process in pets. We understand that process and can help you help your pet. Even if your senior pet is already being treated for a medical condition, treatment recommendations can change as a condition progresses. Sometimes medication dosages need to be adjusted, or medication may need to be changed.

Routine wellness blood work and other routine diagnostic testing are important for senior pets because these tests allow us to evaluate how your pet’s health is either responding to current management strategies or changing with age.

Pet Wellness Plans

Pet wellness plans are comprehensive packages designed to ensure the overall health and well-being of your beloved pets. By offering a structured and proactive approach to pet healthcare, wellness plans aim to catch potential issues early, ultimately saving pet owners from costly and stressful emergency situations.


Many of the diseases that can affect dogs and cats are preventable through proper pet vaccinations. Starting your pet on the right schedule early is one of the keys to a long and healthy life.

Vaccines are special proteins that prime the immune system to fight off specific infections. They work in two ways. The first is to reduce the severity of such diseases should they strike. The second is to prevent infection completely.

Oral and Topical Preventatives

No one wants ticks and fleas in their home or on their pet. We recommend a number of oral and topical parasite preventatives.

These preventatives protect your pet from internal parasites such as heartworm, roundworms, and tapeworms, as well as repelling ticks and fleas. Ask one of our veterinarians about which type of preventative is right for you and your pet.

Health Certificates

We have you covered when you need to travel with your pet. Whether it is going on vacation or moving to another country, we are able to provide the necessary health certificate for your pet.

To obtain a health certificate, we must examine your pet and make sure they are up-to-date on the required vaccines or any necessary blood work based on your destination. If you have any questions about a health certificate for your pet, please give us a call.


Unfortunately, sometimes pets get lost. Microchipping your pet is the best way to get them back. A microchip is a very small device placed under your pet’s skin. The insertion is quick. It can be done while awake or while your pet is under anesthesia (for their spay or neuter, for example).

Each microchip has its own unique number that can be scanned at a shelter or veterinary facility. The number is attached to your contact information, so if your pet is brought in you can be contacted about your found pet!

Preventative Dental Care

Dogs and cats need dental care, too! Dental care is often overlooked in pets, as bad breath is assumed to be normal when owning a dog or cat. Unfortunately, poor dental hygiene can lead to other health problems such as heart and kidney disease.

We recommend regular dental cleanings for your pet, as well as at-home dental care such as brushing your pet’s teeth to help keep their teeth healthy. Bad breath, abnormal or excessive drooling, difficulty or pain when chewing, or red or bleeding gums are all signs of dental disease. If you notice any of these signs, please set up an appointment with us!